15 amazing rules of gully cricket in India


Cricket is more than a game for Indians, its a part of their life. Almost every kid in the country grown up playing the gully cricket. They may not have good pitches and stadiums to play, but they make every street, roads, gardens, back yards, parks, beaches their playground. There is no age bar for one to play. For playing Gully cricket they have their own rules. Let us check the interesting and typical rules followed in Gully cricket in India.

1. Stand clear off the wicket

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As there is no LBW in the gully cricket, the bowler always shout at the batsman to move some more to the leg side so that he can have a good vision of the stumps. Moreover the bowler believes that by doing this the chances of getting the batsman out is more!!!

2. Umpires will be from the batting side

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One of the member from the batting side will become umpire, most probably the senior one. When his turn for the batting comes he can hand over this duty to some of his friends from the same team.

3. Ball meets the bat means 1 run

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One of the typical rule in this format. This is rule come to play when the play ground is very small.

4. Hit over the boundary – its not six

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If the ball traveled over boundary the batsman will declared as out.

5. First ball always a trial ball

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The first ball delivered in the each innings considered as a trial ball. In most times this is done very casually.

6. Winner to bat first

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The winning team has all the right to bat first in the next match.

7. Lost ball is batsman’s responsible

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If the ball lost in the bushes, roof or drainage the batsman who played that shot will have to face the anger of the other team members. He will be held responsible for that and the remedy is get a new ball by the batsman!!!

8. The Common-man

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If the number of players are in odd numbers one will become the common-man. This lucky guy will get the opportunity to bat for both the teams. Generally the youngest in the lot will become common-man.

9. Owner of the bat has many advantages

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The guy who owns the bat has many demands. He can bat first, and hang on batting even if he gets out by threatening that he will take away his bat!!!

10. No LBW so new rule

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There is no system of LBW in the gully cricket. But if the ball touches your body three times you will be given out.

11. One tip one hand out

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This rule gives more opportunities for the fielders. If the fielder catch the ball after one bounce with one hand out is given.

12. No run behind the stumps

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If you are very good in sweep shots gully cricket is not the ideal place to show your talent. The shots behind the stumps will not counted as runs!

13. Lollypop

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The youngsters in the team always get consideration. Lollypop is referred as very slow balls than the normal delivery.

14. Last man gets his tucker

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Last man is allowed to bat without the non striker batsman.

15. The house rule

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If the ball hits the house the batsman is out, it may be limited to the windows, roof, door or fence.

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