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Amazing Facts : A flashback to 1992 World Cup

1992 world cup was jointly hosted by Australia and New Zealand for the first time. This was the fifth edition of ICC world cup and Pakistan won the tournament beating England in the final. Let us check some of the interesting facts in the 1992 Benson and Hedges Cricket World Cup.

1. The important changes introduced in the 1992 Cricket World Cup were white ball and colored jersey. These changes were undoubtly the highlights of the event.

2. South Africa made their debut in ICC world cup in 1992.

3. Another interesting fact in 1992 WC was use of two new balls, one from each end. ICC adopted this strategy as the game was using white ball and there was a chance of ball get discolored and hard to see as the game progresses.

4. Fielding restrictions in the first 15 overs (only two fieldsmen allowed outside the circle,then five fieldsmen allowed outside the circle for the remaining overs) was first introduced in 1992 world cup.

5. Martin Crowe, New Zealand captain opened his teams bowling innings by Deepak Patel, a spinner which was not so common those days.

6. Sri Lanka, considered as minnows in the world cricket, scored the highest total ( 313 runs) in the 1992 World Cup tournament.

Journey of Indian cricket jersey

The Indian jersey has undergone a series of changes over the years to today’s design. There are lots of superstitions associated with such changes. Lets have a look at the transformation of the beautiful Indian jersey.

The introduction of color era in ODI (In the eighties)

India’s first cricket jersey was of light blue with yellow stripes. This jersey was considered as a lucky one as they won the cricket world championship in 1985.

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Melbourne Cricket Ground (MCG) turf under renovation in view of ICC WC 2015


The big stage of the ICC World Cup 2015 is all set to undergo changes before mega event. The replacement work of turf will be started in the month of February and March. As a result of the turf replacement programme a total of twenty thousand square meters will be changed.

This is the major endeavor ($1.7 million) undertaken by the MCC since the field and stadium reconstruction works for the 2006 Commonwealth Games. According to Tony Gordon, MCC arenas operations manager, new 10 pitches will be installed in the ground before a new turf is laid in time for the first Sheffield Shield at the MCG on 31 October .

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