Journey of Indian cricket jersey

The Indian jersey has undergone a series of changes over the years to today’s design. There are lots of superstitions associated with such changes. Lets have a look at the transformation of the beautiful Indian jersey.

The introduction of color era in ODI (In the eighties)

India’s first cricket jersey was of light blue with yellow stripes. This jersey was considered as a lucky one as they won the cricket world championship in 1985.

Early Nineties

India changed the light blue color to dark shade of blue in the early nineties with multicolored shoulder stripes. But this change was proved unlucky as they could not perform well in the 1992 world cup as well as the series against South Africa.

Mid nineties

India again changed their jersey during 1996 world cup. They went back to the light blue color and during that WC India performed well with nine wins.

Late nineties

During this time India introduced the tricolor first time in the jersey.

WC 1999

This time the yellow color made a come back to the part of Indian jersey. TheĀ  yellow designs diagonally in the front made it very attractive.

Early 2000

In this era India got their most popular jersey. Addition of black color on the shoulders and the tricolor across the front gave it more popularity. More importantly, this change brought good luck to the team. India performed well in the 2003 WC and reached in the final first time after 1983.

2007 ICC T20 WC

Jersey worn by Indian team in the debut T20 world cup. Again the tricolor shifted to the side(on right). In addition two white stripes added in the bottom of the sleeves. Logo of “Sahara” appeared on the front.

Late 2000

In the late 2000, adopted darker shade of blue for jersey. Saffron color on the shoulders gave it an adorable look. The first double hundred in the history of ODI by Sachin was wearing this jersey. Sachin Tendulkar was found in good form playing in this jersey.

2010-2011 season


India switched back to the lighter blue shade, and the tricolour’s width was trimmed down.

2011 WC


In the 2011 WC, in which India lifted the cup after 1983, the bleed blue jersey brought luck for Team India. Later on three stars were added above the crust indicating the victory in 1983 WC, 2007 T20 WC and 2011 WC.

2012 T20 WC (proposed)


A new designed jersey was introduced for the 2012 T20 WC with tricolor on the left covering the left shoulder. But this was worn by players only during the press conference. According to reports, BCCI stick back to the lucky jersey due to some superstitions.

In 2013

The current Indian jersey was designed to fit an athlete’s body perfectly, and provide the most comfort. The color has changed to the shinier shade of blue with multicolor design on the shoulders.

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